About The Group

Welcome to “Sounds like you need to be educated on transgender individuals but ok!”

Our group has an unconventional format for Facebook and might run a bit differently than you expect. You see, we’re an educational group that aims to examine, refute, and heal transphobia and offer guidance to cisgender individuals on how to be better and good towards transgender people. And that’s a tall order!

But first it’s important to understand why this group is necessary and the work we do here is important. There is a lot of myth and innuendo about trans individuals out there. Some of it is well meaning misinformation and a lot of it is outright hostile lies and rumor. Transgender folks aren’t uncommon, but a lot of people don’t know any transgender folks and so this negative learning is all they have. That makes the world dangerous for us. It makes folks afraid of us. It creates an environment where fear, violence, discriminatory laws, and malice can flourish.

And the antidote to fear is familiarity and learning. This group is a place where cisgender people can ask transgender people questions in a safe environment, read through documents where we refute myths, and learn about our lives, struggles, hopes, and dreams.

Because this group’s mission is to openly examine transphobia we welcome all people, from all stages of learning, to join and contribute to the discussions with their questions and their knowledge. We even welcome those who oppose trans rights, though we do ask that everyone who joins the group be in a place where they are willing to learn and grow. This group is not a safe place to express anti-trans sentiment, it is a safe place to examine it.

Please treat this group as a learning environment. Ask your questions and provide answers with the goal of learning and understanding. To help you on your way to being productive in the group we’ve created a helpful welcome document with language tips, important links, and more!

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