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    Navigating around the transgender community can be difficult when you’re not familiar with certain words, terms, phrases, and acronyms. The Official Transgender Dictionary defines words and acronyms used within the transgender community while giving example sentences.


    Adfeminine: Transitioning to femininity, starting to look more feminine.

    Admasculine: transitioning to masculinity, starting to look more masculine.

    AFAB: (Pronounced: Ey-fab) Assigned Female At Birth. (Use AFAB instead of “born female” “biologically female” “was female” etc.)

    • Example: “He was AFAB and identifies as a trans man” “She was AFAB and identifies as a cis woman”

    AGAB/ASAB: Assigned Gender/Sex At Birth (Use this instead of “biological sex”)

    • Example: “If your AGAB doesn’t match how you identify, you are probably transgender”

    AMAB: (Pronounced: Ey-Mab) Assigned Male At Birth (Use AMAB instead of “born male” “biologically male” “was male” etc.)

    • Example: “She was AMAB, and she identifies as a trans woman” “He was AMAB and he identifies as a cis man”

    Androgyny/Androgynous: A gender expression that is both feminine or masculine ambiguously. Or neither masculine or feminine, neutral.

    • Example: “A lot of people think non-binary people all must want to look androgynous, some non-binary people still dress and look like a binary gender”

    Antiandrogen: Part of HRT* a medication that counteracts the effects of testosterone.

    • Example: “I need to pick up my antiandrogens at the pharmacy”

    Augmentation Mammoplasty (Pronounced: Ma’am-oh-plass-T): A surgical procedure to increase breast size.


    Binder: A compression shirt that flattens the breasts giving the appearance of a typical male chest. Mostly worn by trans masculine people however, not everyone who wears a binder is trans. 

    • Example: “My new binder came in the mail today! I can’t wait to see how flat it makes me”

    Binding: The act of flattening the breast tissue for a significant amount of time. Can be done by wearing a binder, or using unsafe methods such as duct tape or ace bandages.

    • Example: “I have been binding for a few hours now, I should probably take a break”

    Blockers: See Hormone Blockers*

    • Example: “My son was finally prescribed blockers the other day!”

    Breast Augmentation: See Augmentation Mammoplasty*

    • Example: “Finally got my breast augmentation appointment!”

    Bottom Dysphoria: Dysphoria relating to the genitals of trans people

    • Example: “I suffer from a lot of bottom dysphoria, I hate having a vagina”

    Bottom Growth: When the clitoris enlarges due to taking testosterone, becoming wider and longer. Some may grow up to an inch long.

    • Example: “Since I’ve taken T, I’ve experienced a lot of bottom growth”

    Bottom Surgery: refers to the surgical procedures on the genitals of transgender patients

    • Example: “ I just got my bottom surgery appointment in August!”

    Boy mode: Having the temporary expression typical of boys/men. Trans women may find being in “boy mode” distressing and use the phrase with negative connotations. Trans men or gender fluid people may find being in boy mode” euphoric. See Drab*


    Castration/CastratedSee Orchiectomy* 

    Chaser: Someone who purposely seeks to have sex with a trans person for the sole purpose to have that experience.

    • Example: “Some dude on tinder asked if I would have sex with him because he’s never slept with a trans woman before. What a chaser”

    Chondrolaryngoplasty: (Pronounced: Kon-dro-la-ringo-plass-T) A medical procedure to make the Adam’s apple smaller/less prominent. 

    Cisgender: (Pronounced: sis-gender) Someone who identifies as the gender that was assigned to them at birth

    • Example: “I am a cisgender woman, I was assigned female at birth and I identify as a woman”

    Cishet: (Pronounced: sis-het) Cisgender Heterosexual (straight)

    • Example: “ I am a cishet man, I was assigned male at birth, I identify as a man, I am attracted to women.

    Cisnormativity: The assumption that everyone is cisgender

    • Example: “It’s pretty cisnormative to assume I am a cis man”

    Cissexism: the treatment that cis people are better or more normal than trans people.

    • Example: “ Trans people and normal people are totally different!” “Wow that’s pretty cissexist”

    Clitoroplasty: The surgical creation of the clitoris

    Clock/Clocked/Clocking: Someone was able to “tell” you are trans

    • Example: “Uh oh, I think that guy other there totally clocked me”

    Cross Dresser: a person who wears clothing typical of another gender. Typically used in reference to cis men wearing women’s clothing. *Considered a derogatory slur, do not use without permission

    • Example: “Steve considers himself a cross-dresser since he sometimes enjoys wearing women’s clothing.”


    Dead name: Someone’s name that was given to them at birth. (Also known as: Birth name, “real” name, “old” name)

    • Example: “My ID still has my deadname on it, I have to change it at some point”

    Detransition: Stopping medical transitional care such as hormones, wearing clothes typical of their assigned gender again, going by their birth name again, and using pronouns typical of their assigned gender either temporarily or permanently. No longer identifying as trans.

    • Example: “Stephanie is detransitioning. It’s not safe in their area to be an out trans woman. They cut their hair and stopped wearing make up and are going by Steven now. They said in the future when they can, they’ll transition again.”

    Detransitioner: Someone who detransitioned, typically used towards those who detransitioned permanently. May or may not advocate against transition related care for trans people.

    • Example: “Walt Heyer is an infamous detransitioner who uses his story to “warn others” against medically transitioning.”

    Dilate: To make bigger or wider. See Dilator*

    • Example: “I have to dilate using my dilator for a few months”

    Dilator: A device,  used by some trans women to dilate after undergoing vaginoplasty to help prevent loss of width and depth of the neo-vaginal canal until it has healed. 

    • Example: “I just moved up my dilator size!”

    Dog Ears: A term that refers to skin that protrudes out by surgical incisions, looking like “dog ears.”  Typically occurs under the arms of  who get top surgery (double mastectomy*). Not harmful, however seen as “unpleasant” , Often requires a revision to fix.

    • Example: “I love my surgery results unfortunately I have dog ears”

    Drab: To be dressed in/appearing as a gender you don’t identify with. 

    • Example: “Ugh, I’m dressed in drab today because my mom said it would upset my grandparents if I dressed how I want.”

    Drag Queen/King: Someone who dresses up as a caricature of another gender for entertainment purposes.

    • Example: “Steve works at a law firm but on Saturday nights, he performs a comedy and dance routine as a Drag Queen called Loose Lindsey”

    Dyadic: Not intersex*, See Endosex


    Enby: Phonetic spelling of “NB” meaning Non-Binary*. Some non-binary people may find the term “enby” infantilizing. 

    • Example: “ I identify as enby!”

    Endosex: A person born with typical sex characteristics of either male or female. Not intersex. used more commonly than Dyadic*

    Egg: Self-descriptor, Someone who doesn’t know they’re trans yet.

    • Example: “When I was an egg, I thought it was normal for girls to hate their breasts, periods, and didn’t want to go through puberty”

    E: Short for Estrogen, Part of HRT* some trans women, non-binary, and/or intersex people may take.  


    FFS: Facial Feminization Surgery. A procedure to reduce the “masculine” features such as a larger brow and jaw bones, larger noses, and wider chins. To make the face appear more like a typical female. May include brow lift, rhinoplasty, cheek implantation, and/or lip augmentation.

    • Example: “I just had FFS last month, my brow bone is now much softer, my jaw is less square, and my nose is a little smaller”

    FTM: Female to Male. Considered outdated/rarely used anymore. Do not use without permission (Use their exact identity like “trans man” and/or AFAB instead of FTM)

    • Example: “I am FTM transgender”


    Gaffs: A compression underwear used to help some AMAB trans people or drag queens hide their penis and scrotum to give the appearance of a flat pubic region.

    • Example: “I’m going to have to gaff to wear this outfit”

    Gatekeeping: requiring certain criteria in order to identify as trans/to medically transition.

    • Example: “I am struggling to get top surgery because my insurance requires me to be on hormones for a year before I can get surgery, even though I don’t want to go on hormones. Gatekeeping sucks.”

    Gender: “Refers to sociocultural attitudes and behaviors that shape behaviors, products, technologies, environments, and knowledges. Gender attitudes and behaviors are complex, changing as cultural norms and values change across time, with education, wealth, and age, and are specific to cultures, religions, ethnicities, and infrastructures. Gender may not match sex. Gender also intersects with other social categories, such as sex, age, and ethnicity “

    Stanford University. Gender. European Commission, National Science Foundation , 

    • Example: “ We welcome people of all genders!”
    Gender Affirmation Surgery:  Any surgery a trans person gets to alleviate dysphoria and/or elevate euphoria. 
    Gender Confirmation Surgery:  Any surgery a trans person gets to alleviate dysphoria and/or elevate euphoria. 

    Gender Critical: A term used by TERFs* meaning they are critical of gender theory, gender identity, and doubt the experiences of trans people are real. 

    Gender Diverse: The umbrella term for all those who do not fit that society/culture’s gender expression and identity norms

    • Example: “This school is accepting of gender diverse people”

    Gender Dysphoria: Diagnostic term for the distress resulting from gender incongruence. Best used when in a diagnosis form.

    • Example: “I was just diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, now I can finally start the process of medically transitioning”

    Gender Euphoria: The opposite of gender dysphoria. The pleasant feeling of being gendered correctly, or feeling of being the right identity

    • Example: “I feel gender euphoria when I am gendered correctly, and not being called my deadname”

    Gender Expression: How one expresses their gender physically through clothing, hair, style, walk, talk. Everyone has a gender expression

    • Example: “While Sally’s gender expression is pretty masculine, she still identifies as a woman”

    Gender Identity: What one’s gender is called.

    • Example: “My gender identity is agender”

    Gender Identity Disorder: Previous diagnostic name for Gender Dysphoria that was changed in 2013.

    • Example: “Sarah had been diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder in 2009”

    Gender Incongruence: Identifying as a gender different from what was assigned at birth

    • Example: “Not all trans people suffer from gender dysphoria, however all trans people have gender incongruence”

    Gender Neutral: something that applies to all genders. Is neutral

    • Example: “Green and yellow are good gender neutral colors for a baby shower!”

    Gender Non Binary: See Non-Binary* 

    Gender Non Conforming: Someone who doesn’t follow the rules of gender roles or gender stereotypes in their society.

    • Example: “John enjoys wearing make-up while he works as a pre-school teacher”

    Gender Reassignment Surgery: Any surgery a trans person gets to alleviate dysphoria and/or elevate euphoria.  This term is mostly used in context of bottom surgery. 

    Gender Roles: Society’s rules for different genders

    • Example: “Karen is a stay at home mom of 4 children  who cooks and cleans while her husband works a 9-5 job”

    Gender Stereotypes: what someone’s typical gender identity, roles, and expression would normally look like.

    • Example: “Due to gender stereotypes, it is seen as abnormal for a man to wear make up while it is ok for a woman to wear make up”

    Gender Variant: Medical term to describe  Gender non-conforming*

    Gynecomastia: (Pronounced: Guy-nuh-kow-mass-T-uh) an enlargement or swelling of breast tissue in people assigned male due to hormonal imbalances.

    • Example: “John was diagnosed with gynecomastia due to excessive breast tissue growth over a few years”


    Hermaphrodite/Hermaphroditism: In biology, an organism with fully functioning reproductive organs found in typical males and typical females.  Previously used to describe Intersex variations. Is now considered incorrect, outdated, and used as a derogatory slur towards intersex people. Do not use without consent. Only use it in a biological context. Not towards humans.

    • Example: “Gastropods like snails are hermaphroditic organisms”

    Hormone Blockers: Medicines that prevents puberty from happening in both cisgender and transgender children. May also be used on adults to help treat certain cancers or other health conditions.

    • Example: “My son is happy to finally get hormone blockers so he doesn’t have to worry about developing typical female sex characteristics”

    HRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy. Both cis and trans people can use HRT for different reasons. Some may use it to treat cancer, menopause, or early childhood puberty. Comes in many forms like patches, gels, injections, or pills. It must be taken for the rest of their life. Especially if they no longer have reproductive organs to produce hormones on their own.

    • Example: “I am 4 years on HRT today!”

    Hysterectomy: (Pronounced: His-tore-reck-toe-me) Removal of the uterus

    • Example: “I got a hysterectomy last year.”


    Imposter Syndrome: can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. ‘Imposters’ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.” – Many trans people may feel they are not trans enough, or deny they are trans, even if they express discomfort with certain sex characteristics, or do not like to be associated with typical things of the assigned gender at birth.

    International Transgender Day Of Remembrance: See TDOR*

    Intersex: A naturally occurring variation of sex characteristics and reproductive organs that do not fit the typical definition of male or female. 




    Legal Transitioning: Changing legal documents such as one’s passports, Identification cards, Social Security card, Birth certificate, etc to match their gender identity.


    Mastectomy: (Pronounced: Mass-sect-uh-me) The removal of one or both breasts (Double Mastectomy)

    • Example: “I had a double mastectomy” 

    Mammoplasty (Pronounced: Mam-uh-plass-T): A surgical procedure to increase breast size. See Augmentation Mammoplasty*

    Medical Transitioning: Taking hormones or having surgeries to match your gender identity 

    • Example: “I am beginning my medical transition”

    Metoidioplasty/Meta: (Pronounced: Meh-toy-dio-plass-T) A surgical procedures that uses the clitoris that has been enlarged by testosterone to create the penis.

    • Example: “I plan on getting meta next year”

    MTF: Male to Female. Considered outdated, do not use without permission. (Use their exact identity such as “Trans woman*” or AMAB* instead of MTF) 

    • Example: “I am an MTF Trans woman”

    Misgender: calling someone the wrong gender, whether it was on purpose or by accident. 

    • Example: “My teacher misgendered me in front of the class today”

    Mx: (Pronounced: mix) the gender neutral term for Ms/Miss/Mrs/Mr

    • Example: “Hello! I am Mx. Sam Jones”


    NB/NBy/N.B./NBi: Short for Non-Binary*  Note: While ‘NB’ is often used for non-binary, it is also commonly used among the black community to mean a “Non-black” person of color. It’s best to use the other variations of ‘NB’  or ‘enby’ to avoid confusion.

    Neogender: Neo meaning “New” and Gender*; A new gender, creating your own term to explain your identity. 

    Neo-phallus:  Neo meaning “New” and Phallus meaning penis refers to the “new penis” an AFAB trans person may have after bottom surgery 

    Neopronouns: Neo meaning “New” and Pronoun*; A new set of pronouns that are not He/She/They. These may include: xe/xir/xirself, ze/zir/zerself, ey/em/emself, or creating your own personal set of pronouns. 

    Neo-vagina: Neo meaning “New”  refers to the “new vagina” an AMAB trans person may have after bottom surgery 

    Nibling: Gender neutral term for niece/nephew 

    • Example: “This is my nibling Sam”

    Non-Binary: Someone who identifies as beyond the genders of man and woman. Not the binary 

    • Example: “Steven is non-binary”

    Non-Op: A trans person who does not want any surgery.

    • Example: “I am a non-op trans person”


    Oophorectomy: The surgical procedure to remove one or both ovaries 

    Orchiectomy: A surgical procedure to remove one or both testicles 

    Out: Not hiding the fact you are LGBTQ+ 

    • Example: “I am not out to my parents yet as trans”

    Outed/ing: Disclosing someone’s LGBTQ+ without their permission. Whether done by accident or on purpose

    • Example: “My sister outed me to my parents yesterday”


    Packer: a prosthetic penis. Mainly used to give an appearance of a “bulge”. Some can be used to pee while standing up and/or used for sex/masturbation. Some can be a simple plastic funnel while others can be hyper-realistic. Prices can range from $10-$500+

    • Example: “I can’t wait to start using my packer!”

    Packing: the act of wearing a packer, however not all who pack, are using a prosthetic penis. Some people pack with socks, or other make-shift “penises” to give the appearance of a bulge.

    • Example: “I am packing today, Does it look natural?”

    Pack n’ Play: A prosthetic penis that can be used as a packer and a sex device in one.

    • Example: “I got my pack n’ play for tonight so I don’t have to stop and switch”

    Pass/ing: the idea of “looking cis” or “not being able to tell” a person is trans.

    • Example: “Do I pass more if I wear my hair up or down?”

    Phalloplasty: (Pronounced: Faah-low-plass-T) The construction or the reconstruction of the penis.

    • Example: “I’m getting phalloplasty on Tuesday, I’m so excited!”

    Pronoun: A word that can take place of a noun. He, She, They, It, You, I, We, etc.

    • Example: “My pronouns are he/him/his”

    Pronoun Indifferent: Someone who does not care what pronouns you use towards them. They are ok being called, He/She/They etc. Avoid assuming “it/its/itself” is included in the list of pronouns. Ask them what they don’t want to be called if you’re not sure.

    • Example: “What are your pronouns?” “I’m pretty pronoun indifferent, you can call me whatever”

    Puberty Blockers: See Hormone Blockers*


    Queer: A reclaimed slur used as an umbrella term for those who are not cisgender and/or heterosexual. Do not use without permission.

    • Example: “I am a queer trans woman.”


    Radfem: See TERF*

    Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: A theory based on a scientifically unsubstantiated study that Gender Dysphoria in children can be induced and spread by having friends who are transgender.

    This term came from a study published in August 2018 where Professor Lisa Littman, a Brown University School of Public Health assistant, based this theory on findings from interviews with 256 parents who spoke about their beliefs about their childrens identities. None of the children were interviewed or involved in the study.


    SAAB: Sex Assigned At Birth. (Use this instead of “biological sex”)

    • Example: “Their SAAB has nothing to do with their gender identity”

    Seahorse/Seahorse Dad: A trans man who was pregnant and gave birth.

    • Example: “Ash is a seahorse dad to his child Robin”

    Sex: Female, Male, or variations of Intersex. Refers to physical characteristics and includes: genitalia, gonads, hormones, chromosomes, and secondary sex characteristics like breasts, body hair, voice changes, (stuff that happens during puberty)

    • Example: “It is quite difficult to pin point the single defining factor that determine one’s sex.”

    Sex Change: Outdated way of saying “medically transitioned” usually in reference to Bottom Surgery. Some may consider the phrase to be derogatory and offensive as it gives the appearance that medical transitioning is one single process which is not the case. 

    • Example: “Jerry Springer invited a woman onto his show who had a sex change and is telling her boyfriend of 6 months she is trans”

    SRS: Sex Reassignment Surgery: Outdated way of saying Bottom Surgery

    • Example: “I’m getting SRS on Friday!”

    Social Transitioning: Changing one’s name, pronouns, hair, clothes, etc to match one’s gender identity.

    • Example: “Sarah just came out and is in the process of transitioning socially. We’re going to take her shopping for some dresses and make up!”

    Spiro: Short for Spironolactone. An anti androgen that can help reduce the levels of testosterone in those who produce it naturally.

    • Example: “I need to refill my spiro today”

    Stealth: To hide your trans identity, not telling anyone you are trans, wanting people to see you as cis rather than trans. Different from being “in the closet”

    • Example: “I’m stealth at work. My coworkers have no idea that I am a trans man” 

    Stroker: a masturbation device, similar to how a Flesh-Light works, made for those with clitorises and enlarged clitorises. 

    • Example: “Using a stroker to masturbate really helps alleviate dysphoria”

    STP: Stand To Pee, a device, (sometimes a packer) that allows an individual, usually those who have vaginas, to pee standing up.

    • Example: “I used my STP in the urinal for the first time today!” 


    T4T: Trans for trans. A trans person who is looking for other trans people to have a romantic/sexual relationship with.

    T: Short for Testosterone. Part of HRT* some trans men, non-binary, and/or intersex people may take via injection, pills, gel, or patches.

    • Example: “I am 6 months on T!”

    T-Blockers: See Antiandrogen*

    T-Dick: A common euphemism used by trans men who have been on testosterone to describe their bottom growth*. Some may use this as a term to reduce dysphoria.

    • Example: “Using a stroker* on my T-dick really made a difference!”

    TDOR: (Pronounced: T-Door) International Transgender Day Of Remembrance (Also said as Trans Day of Remembrance). A memorial day viewed annually on November 20th to remember those who have lost their lives due to anti-transgender hate crimes. 

    • Example: “We are having a TDOR memorial service this week” 

    TDOV: Trans Day Of Visibility. An annual event on March 31st to bring awareness to trans people and the struggles they face. Showing trans people in a positive light, acknowledging successes and advancements in civil rights.

    • Example: “Laverne Cox made a post for TDOV on Instagram”

    TERF: Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Exclude trans people from their feminism Typically is a transphobic cis woman, but can be anyone of any gender identity who identifies as a feminist. May believe in one, some, or all:

    • Experiences of trans people are not real
    • Believe trans people think they’re another gender is due to harmful stereotypes
    • Trans people are mentally ill
    • Trans people want to turn children trans/force children to have surgeries
    • Supports trans conversion therapy
    • Opposes trans rights
    • Trans women are not women
      • Are predators
      • Want to invade women’s spaces (bathrooms, sports, etc.)
      • Only transition to “trick” cishet men
      • Making a mockery of women
    • Trans men are not men
      • They are victims of the patriarchy
      • Only transition to gain male privilege
      • Only transition due to past/childhood sexual abuse
      • Just hardcore butch lesbians
    • Example: “Did you hear J.K Rowling is a TERF? She had been tweeting out support over ideas that trans women are just men invading women’s spaces”

    TIF: Trans Identified Female, a term used by TERFs to describe trans men

    • Example: “Chaz Bono would be considered a TIF by TERFs”

    TIM: Trans Identified Male, a term used by TERFs to describe trans women

    • Example: “Caitlyn Jenner would be considered a TIM by TERFs.”

    Titty Skittles: A euphemism used by trans women to describe HRT pills, which causes breast growth. 

    • Example: “I need to refill my titty skittles”

    TMA: Trans Misogyny Affected, To describe those who are affected by trans misogyny*

    • Example:

    TME: Trans Misogyny Exempt, To describe people who do not experience trans misogyny* 

    • Example: 

    Tomboy: Self-descriptor, A woman who has a more masculine gender expression and/or prefers stereotypical masculine activities

    • Example: “I was such a tomboy as a kid, I played in the mud, football, I wanted to show everyone girls could do it too! I never really liked wearing dresses or was into the same thing as my girl friends.”

    Top Dysphoria: Dysphoria related towards the breasts of a trans person.

    • Example: “I suffer from a lot of top dysphoria. So I bind my chest every day.”

    Top Surgery: refers to the surgical procedures on the breasts of transgender patients

    • Example: “I am getting top surgery next week I’m so excited!”

    TRA: Trans Rights Activist. A derisive acronym often used by TERFs to undermine supporters of trans rights.

    • Example: “TERFs are claiming TRAs are trying to get young children to have surgeries”

    Tracheal Shave: See Chondrolaryngoplasty*

    Transgender: Someone who identifies as a gender different than what was assigned to them at birth.

    • Example: “My sister is transgender”

    Trans: Informal shorthand of saying “Transgender”

    • Example: “My brother is trans”

    Trans*: Outdated umbrella term. Asterisk was used to encompass the entire trans umbrella including non-binary people. Shortly fell out of use as the word “transgender” itself is considered an umbrella term already.

    • Example: “I support the trans* community!”

    TransantagonistAntagonizing trans people. Purposefully seeking out transgender people to act hostile towards them. 

    Trans-trender/Trender : A derogatory term typically towards non-dysphorics, non-binary people, and gender non-conforming trans people. Suggesting they only are trans/NB because it is trendy/a fad.

    • Example: “Someone called me a trender because I am a trans man who enjoys wearing make up”

    Trans Panic Defense: (More commonly known as Gay Panic Defense) A legal defense where a person claims they were so enraged to find out the person they were speaking/attracted to was trans they “black out” and beat/murder the trans person.

    • Example: “Joe went to a local bar and saw a woman he thought was attractive. He spoke to her and bought her a drink. He asked if she wanted to go out for dinner sometime. She said she’d like that, but let him know that she’s a transgender woman. Joe got so upset and blinded by rage he started punching her repeatedly while yelling slurs. He was later arrested and he plead the Trans Panic Defense.”

    Transphobia: The dislike, hatred,  and/or aversion to the transgender and gender diverse community.

    • Example: “My dad was being really transphobic saying all trans people are sick in the head”

    Transsexual: A trans person who has “fully” medically transitioned. Typically used in reference to those who had bottom surgery. Considered outdated, some may consider it a slur. Commonly used by older trans folks. DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION

    Transmedicalist/Transmed: A trans person who believes one must medically transition and suffer from gender dysphoria in order to be trans.

    • Example: “Some transmed told me I’m not really trans because I haven’t gotten surgery” 

    Transvestite: Someone, typically a cis man, who obtains sexual arousal from wearing clothing typical of another gender. Commonly used by older folks. Considered a derogatory slur. DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION

    Trans Man/Masculine/Male: Someone typically who was assigned female at birth and identifies as a man or on the more masculine side of the spectrum. 

    • Example: “Chaz Bono is a trans man”

    Trans Woman/Feminine/Female: Someone, typically who was assigned male at birth, and identifies as a woman or the more feminine side of the spectrum.

    • Example: “Caitlyn Jenner is a trans woman”

    Trans-misogyny: Intersections of transphobia and misogyny.

    Trans-misogynoir: Intersections of transphobia, misogyny and racism. Specifically towards black trans women.

    Truscum: (Pronoucned: True-Scum) A transphobic trans person. Someone who typically believes one, some, or all of these ideas:

    • There are only 2 genders.
    • You must be a binary man/woman
    • You must follow all the gender roles and stereotypes of a man or woman
    • You must suffer from dysphoria to be trans.
    • You must suffer from bottom dysphoria.
    • You must medically transition to be trans.
    • You’re not actually trans until you medically transition (even if you already want to transition)
    • Your ultimate goal is to look/pass as cis 

    Tuck: pushing the testicles into the inguinal canal and penis in between the legs to give the appearance of a flat genital region. Held together by gaffs*

    • Example: “I just tucked for the first time and I feel so amazing!”

    Tucute: a term used by truscum to describe non-binary trans people, or trans people who don’t suffer from dysphoria. Thinks some trans people are identifying as trans because it is “trendy”. Usually refers to feminine AFAB trans people.

    • Example: “These tucutes call themselves trans but they don’t even try to look like [gender]”


    Urethra Lengthening: See Urethroplasty*

    Urethroplasty: This procedure reroutes the urethra up through the neophallus, allowing you to urinate from the neophallus, ideally while standing up.


    Vaginectomy: A surgical procedure to remove all or part of the vagina

    Vaginoplasty: The reconstruction or creation of the vagina.


    WPATH: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Is a world wide medical professional association who research, study, and create the Standards Of Care (WPATH SOC) which medical and mental health professionals use as guidelines to treat transgender patients to help them socially, medically, and legally transition.





    This section contains graphic derogatory slurs that have been used against the transgender community. It’s important to keep in mind some trans people may reclaim these slurs using them to describe themselves.  Unless given direct consent, the terms below should be avoided at all costs.

    Brick: A derogatory slur towards trans women who do not “pass*

    Brick House: A group of trans people who do not “pass*

    Cuntboy: Slur towards trans men

    Faggot/fag: Slur used towards the LGBTQ+ community. Most commonly used towards effeminate men and trans women.

    Futanari/Futa:  Japanese word for “hermaphroditism.” A genre of hentai ( Anime (Japanese cartoon) porn) based mostly around women who have penises or effeminate cis men.

    He-she: Slur towards transgender people

    It: Slur towards transgender people, suggesting the trans person is not human, is an object. 

    Lady boy: Slur towards transgender women. Self descriptor used commonly among trans women in Thailand.  

    She-male: Slur towards transgender women

    She-man: Slur towards transgender women

    Shim: Slur towards transgender men

    Tranny: Slur towards trans people, typically towards transgender women.

    Trap: Slur towards transgender women. Implies the trans woman is “tricking” someone, usually a cis man, into thinking she has a vagina when she does not.

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