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    Gender Neutral Language List

    Nearly everything we say is gendered in some way whether we realize it or not. It can be quite difficult to find words to describe someone or something without using a gendered word or phase. This is a list of not only gender neutral words for binary gendered words we use daily, but also ways to phrase sentences to be inclusive.

    It’s important to be gender neutral when speaking not only to be inclusive of the millions of transgender, non-binary, and intersex people in the world, but also cis people whose bodies and experiences may not be the same as other cis people.

    When referring to a group of people who you don’t know, or a general object, it’s best to be as gender neutral as possible. It is ok to use gendered terms if the individual gives you consent to use those words with them.



    • Parent
    • Rent
    • Ren/Renny


    • Pibling
    • Nini
    • Bibi
    • Titi
    • Untie/Unty


    • Godparent


    • Child
    • Offspring
    • Kid
    • Oldest/Eldest
    • Youngest
    • Middle Child
    • First, second, third, etc. Child 


    • Grandparent
    • Grandwa
    • Granndy
    • Nini
    • Bibi


    • Sibling
    • Sib


    • Nibling
    • Chibling


    • Grandchild
    • Grandkid



    • Date
    • Datemate
    • Lover
    • Partner
    • Significant Other
    • Other half
    • Life partner


    • Fiance sounds the same  when said aloud
    • Betrothed
    • Life Partner
    • Spouse to be
    • Future spouse


    • Spouse
    • Life Partner
    • Life mate
    • Soul mate



    • Mx.
    • M.
    • Ind.
    • Misc.


    • Mirdam
    • Mistdam
    • Sir’ram
    • Laddam
    • Mir


    Instead of... Use this
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls Everyone, distinguished guests, friends, family
    Hey guys Ya'll, everyone, friends,

    Sexual Health

    Everyone’s bodies are different. Not all people are born exactly the same. Not all people who menstruate, become pregnant, or give birth, are women. Likewise, not every woman has the ability to menstruate, become pregnant, or give birth for a variety of reasons. When talking about an entire community or group of people, being gender neutral not only is inclusive of transgender, non-binary, and intersex people, but to also be inclusive of cis people who may not share the same experiences as other cis people in regards to sexual health.

    Instead of... Use this
    Feminine Hygiene Products Menstrual Products, Or by name of product: Pads, tampons, menstrual cup, liners, etc.
    Feminine/Women's health Sexual/Reproductive Health
    Women/Women who menstruate People who menstruate
    Female condoms Inside/vaginal condoms
    Pregnant women/women Pregnant people, People who can get pregnant
    Female Reproductive Organs Use the names of the specific organ(s): Vagina, ovaries, uterus, cervix, vulva, clitoris, etc.
    Male condoms Outside/penis condoms
    Male Reproductive Organs Use the names of the specific organ(s): Penis, testicles, scrotum, semen, etc.
    Female/male contraceptives Contraceptives, Family planning, conception prevention, birth control methods


    Instead of... Use this
    Police man/woman Police, Police officer, cop, law enforcement officer,
    Fire man/woman Fire fighter
    Mail man/woman Post man/woman Mail carrier, postal worker
    Congressmen/women Congress person, Person in congress, Legislator, Congressional Representative
    Steward/stewardess Flight Attendant
    Chairmen/women Chairperson
    Salesman/woman Sales person, sales associate
    Delivery man / Pizza man Delivery driver,
    Business man/woman Business person, business associate
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