Mega Threads and Special Threads

These are special threads that require additional moderation or that gather conversations about topics into one single place for easy searching.

Mega Threads

These are threads on controversial topics, banned topics, or threads that benefit from being collected into a single place for easy viewing and reading.

Please remember to use TOPICS (link) to help you find other threads that might be of interest to you as well. 

Items with a 🔐after them are banned topics and can only be discussed in these threads.

Live Streams

From time to time members of the admin team might do live streams.  Every live stream is recorded and saved to the group and you can find them here.

Live Streams Topic (link): Contains ALL posts that are live streams or conversations about live streams.  This is where you can find up to date information about future live streams and group threads about them. 


Let's Talk Shop

It's hard enough to know what products are good and how to use them.  Trans people often have a lot of trouble finding products and services for our body types. 


Notable Threads

These are threads that we've collected because they're noteworthy in some way.  


Fundraising & Support Thread

We only have each other. Say thank you to members who have helped you, offer support to folks who need it. Be kind. This thread is updated at the beginning of each month to keep it fresh and to make sure it’s easier to find those with need of support.  Support can be monetary, clothing, gift cards, social, whatever people need.  This is your way to offer a hand to the people in the group who have helped you.  

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