Step 1


Here's a quick starting guide to help you get the most from the group.  It's got helpful language tips, important links, things to consider, and even more to help you get started and feel at home.

Step 2

The Rules

Make sure to read and understand our group rules so that you can get the most out of the group and the learning environment.  Help make sure we're all working together to learn effectively.

Step 3

Mega Threads

Catch up on our hot threads for hot topics where we collect big issues into one place to make them easy to find.

Weekly Threads

Every week we do recurring threads to help foster discussion and for us all to know each other a little better.

  • AMA Mondays

  • Check In Tuesdays

  • Non-Binary Wednesday

  • Throwback Thursday

  • Follow Friday

  • Saturday Reflections

  • Selfie Sunday

We need each other.

  Help offer warmth, comfort, and support to members of our group who need it.  

Fundraising & Support Thread

We only have each other. Say thank you to members who have helped you, offer support to folks who need it. Be kind. This thread is updated at the beginning of each month to keep it fresh and to make sure it’s easier to find those with need of support.  Support can be monetary, clothing, gift cards, social, whatever people need.  This is your way to offer a hand to the people in the group who have helped you.  

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